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My Healing Journey


I was blessed to discover the power of self healing at a young age, after years of anxiety, unworthiness, addiction and depression. 

My addictions were a form of self medication, to numb myself from the pain of past trauma that was deeply repressed but played out energetically from my unconscious beliefs about myself and what I believed I deserved.

These addictions stemmed from a belief of inadequacy and a feeling of fearful futility, self-rejection and not knowing how to love myself. 

When I bought these emotions to the conscious level I was able to truly feel the uncomfortable emotions and seek to change my thought patterns surrounding these damaging beliefs. I won’t say it was an easy process or that it happened overnight, but it was through the consistent observation of my internal chatter and how it made feel on the emotional level, that finally transmuted these negative beliefs and behaviours from my life.


However, there were often deeply repressed traumatic experiences in life that need another conscious being to help you shift the blocked energy and release the unconscious beliefs that are adversely affecting your life.


‘The Healer’ is trained in the observation and interpretation of signs and symptoms and methods for dealing with them. Holistic Healing of an individual occurs at different energetic levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. To begin the process of healing we need to look at the individual from these four broad realms to at least begin the process of healing. However the ‘best healers’ are the ones that lead you back to your own inner knowing. Empowering you to take full responsibility for your own health and well-being.


I have and am continually healing whatever comes up for me to allow a sense of spaciousness, so I can be of greater service to my clients. Ultimately I'm doing nothing more than creating space to be an open channel for universal consciousness to work through me and lead my clients back toward greater balance, harmony and complete connection to their vital source of wellbeing.

Wellbeing with Santosha Spirit Healing. Private Yoga sessions and meditation
Eala from Santosha Spirit Healing in Nimbin, Northern Rivers Region

“ a healer's gift, is from her own wounds”


Everyone's journey is different. This is mine, as a woman, a parent, a healer.


I am Eala Swan, founder and practitioner at Santosha Spirit Healing. I studied Education and Psychology at the University of Otago in NZ and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, in Education and Psychology in 1996.

I worked as a preschool teacher for about a decade before having my own family of three vibrant, healthy, strong and sensitive boys.


Their presence in my life has been the most beautiful blessing, as they are my greatest teachers. Whenever I’m triggered by their behaviour, I know it’s a perfect opportunity to become more self aware and conscious of my projections and unconscious patterns. Obviously this is not always easy, but oh so worth it.


Holistic Healing at Santosha Spirit Healing in Nimbin

Wellbeing as a lifestyle


I am trained in Paramgati Transformational Yoga registered with Yoga Alliance International and am a certified Children’s Wellbeing Practitioner.

I have completed my Reiki 2 training and will continue to Reiki Master over the next few years.

I have studied Chi Gong Healing with Master Wen and attuned as a Chi Healing Bodywork Practitioner.

I have studied Australian Bush Flower Essences with Ian White and have used them over the last 5 years on myself, my children and clients, with much success.

I am an avid natural health researcher and have been plant based for 4 years and continue to cleanse and purify my body. 

I love guiding clients let go of troublemaker foods and toxins and embrace a more clean and energising lifestyle. 

Sound Frequency Healing has been immensely beneficial in my own healing journey, so I continue to use these amazing sound vibrations on my children, myself and my clients. 

I endeavour to collaborate with local musicians to create my own unique recordings for my clients in the very near future.

Spirituality in my Life

My love of divination and all things spiritual lead me back to the Tarot which illustrates my intuitive knowing.

I feel immensely grateful to have felt surrounded and protected by benevolent forces from a very young age.

I am profoundly clairaudiant and clairsentient and allow myself to be a hollow bone for whatever messages and energies need to be expressed.


I am very clear to my clients in stating, not to give their power away to me or the reading, as all I am really doing is reflecting back to the client what they already know on a very deep level, but may just need some help in remembering.

You the client, are the creator of your life experience. 

That is your innate power.


Blessings Beautiful Ones.

eaLa x

Tarot Card Reading for Spiritual guidance at Santosha Spirit Healing in Nimbin
Santosha Spirit Healing in Nimbin, NSW 2480

We are so glad we could make a positive change for them

“Thanks again for a powerful reading.  I feel  that something within has been upgraded.  Much appreciated. I have had one great day XX” 

— Rach

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GROUP sessions for Meditation & Spiritual Guidance.

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