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Santosha Spirit Healing for Holistic Health. Improve your Wellbeing and spirituality.

“Stand strong in who you really are. Tap into your infinite limitless nature.

You are powerful beyond measure.”


Welcome to Santosha Spirit Healing, a place of conscious wellbeing and authenticity.

Let’s shed all the layers of unconscious conditioning  to help bring fulfilment and contentment back into your life.

Working for children and adult wellbeing and holistic healing

I am EaLa Swan, founder and practitioner at Santosha Spirit Healing.

We are located in Nimbin, a village renowned for its natural lifestyle and Holistic Health Awareness. Nestled in the beautiful Northern Rivers of NSW we are blessed with Natural Wonders and lush vegetation.

Santosha Spirit Healing is the realisation of my intention to help others to feel better and make positive changes in their lives.

As a natural Healer, Yoga Teacher and Intuitive Card Reader, I wish to help you on your journey towards a healthier life.

What is the Santosha Spirit ?

The Sanskrit word Santosha is divided into two parts: 'Sam' meaning completely or entirely, and 'tosha', meaning acceptance, satisfaction and contentment.


Santosha can be a challenging concept to embrace, especially if your personal story is filled with negative thoughts, fears and anxiety. It’s difficult to feel acceptance for yourself, when the majority of your mental energy is expended berating and comparing yourself to others.


So perhaps it’s time to change your story....

At Santosha Spirit Healing we use an integrative, holistic approach to health and wellbeing, focused on bringing balance to the mind, body and spirit of the courageous humans that choose to open up to receive this healing work.

  • Intuitive Psychology

  • Kinesiology

  • Sound Frequency Healing

  • Affirmations

  • Epigenetics

  • Chi Healing Bodywork

  • One on one Yoga asana, pranayama and mudra practice

  • Energy Work

  • Australian Bush Flower essences.

We use a variety of techniques such as:

Each session is unique and tailored-made, depending on your needs and what you feel more comfortable with.

Santosha Spirit Healing's Philosophy

Leading you back to authentic wholeness and conscious receptivity.

At Santosha Spirit Healing, we embrace the belief that we are each a composite of societal conditioning and a unique creative spark of universal consciousness.


The intention of this healing we do is to peel back the layers of fragmentation which create these personas or masks that we wear. I will gently guide you back to centered awareness and your innate Santosha Spirit.

Once we illuminate and transmute the traumas, unconscious patterning or life times of karmic related experiences and situations, we will be left in a state of spacious receptivity and wholeness.

This sense of authenticity is the way we first appeared to this world, before the unhealed, unaware humans around us, unconsciously disconnected us from who we really are at our deepest essence.

Santosha Spirit Healing in Nimbin, NSW 2480

We are so glad we could make a positive change for them

“Thanks again for a powerful reading.  I feel  that something within has been upgraded.  Much appreciated. I have had one great day XX” 

— Rach

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”. Carl Jung

Get a better life, make a change now with Santosha Spirit Healing in Nimbin

Our healing will guide us back to our own sense of inner truth and to the realisation that we are whole and complete.

To balance your Mind, Body and Spirit, we offer services that will support your Healing, Wellbeing and offer Spiritual Guidance.

We also offer recorded affirmations, sound frequencies & Aromatherapy products to support your Meditation Practice at home.

Individual, couple/family appointments are available ONSITE and/or ONLINE

(Live via Zoom or recorded readings)

GROUP sessions for Meditation & Spiritual Guidance.

Healing Soundtracks & Products for your Home

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