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OuR OnLinE ProDuCtS

Learn from home or Meditate with our soundtracks to sustain you healing.

Download soundtracks or receive private links to Video Tutorials. 

OnLinE ReCoRdeD CaRd ReAdinG

You have a question, need an Energy Reading but can't make it live.

We have you covered with our Recorded Readings.

When ready, we'll send you a Youtube Private link to access your Reading.


Using the healing properties of Flower Essences is an ancient art, spanning many cultures. Australian Bush Flower Essences created by Ian White are a gift to all of us interested in health, harmony and wellbeing.

Flower Essences are obtained by extracting the healing quality for the highest evolved part of the plant, its flowers.

Ancient records show that over 3000 years ago the Egyptians collected the dew from flowers to treat emotional imbalances. The indigenous people of Australia have also long used flowers to treat emotional imbalances. They would also collect the dew, or eat the whole flower, to obtain the healing vibrations for the plant.

When ill, they were observed treating themselves by floating Waratahs in water for a number of hours and then drinking the water.

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