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Taking Responsibility for our Own Wellbeing

Written by Eala Swan “Livid, pissed off, torn up inside, heartache, bone weary, gut wrenching, blood boiling, pain in the neck, stab in the back, takes my breath away, a rash decision, sick to death - our language is alive with ancient wisdom about the origin of illnesses” Dr Robin Youngson Everything on the physical plane is a manifestation of something from the metaphysical plane.

I believe we are all energetic and spiritual beings having this temporary physical experience. When our physical body feels pain or becomes disabled by disease or accident, we tend to start reaching out for answers. We tend to want to fix something we perceive as broken. Realistically when our body refuses to do something we want it to, metaphysically it is not broken, it’s doing its job. What’s actually happening is that our higher self or energetic self is communicating to us. And it’s up to us to interpret these messages and take action. Western medicine takes the position that we feel pain because we can. Western approach to pain as the main symptom of any disease are pretty much limited to drugs and surgery. Treatment consists of numbing or diverting pain receptors in the body or cutting out the offending organ. While this approach does have its place in acute situations. It’s is at best a temporary and often harmful way to approach pain or disharmony in our bodies. Throughout history, many masters, great healers and visionaries have said ‘Know thyself’. As when you tune into your inner self and truly listen to what your body is trying to communicate, you gain awareness, and therefore freedom to access optimal wellbeing. The problem is most people don’t know how to do this. When you open up to the understanding that your past trauma, suppressed or repressed emotions, negative conditioning and harmful thoughts are creating the imbalances in your body, you learn that you can actually heal yourself. Letting go of destructive patterns and emotions such as resentment, fear, depression, anger, failure, jealousy and hopelessness. Connecting back to to the wisdom of your body, learning to use your intuition, opening your heart to experience joy, compassion, clarity, relaxation and love. Discovering the innate intelligence of your body and how to use it to create amazing transformations. I have been blessed to discover the power of self healing at a young age, after years of anxiety, unworthiness, addiction and depression. My addictions were a form of self medication, to numb myself from the pain of past trauma that was deeply repressed but played out energetically from my unconscious beliefs about myself and what I believed I deserved. Louise L. Hay’s work was integral in my healing as I worked with my emotional body of existence to uncover the numerous ailments and symptoms that kept reoccurring in my physical body. For example my addictions stemmed from a belief of inadequacy and a feeling of fearful futility, self-rejection and not knowing how to love myself. When I bought these emotions to the conscious level I was able to truly feel the uncomfortable emotions and seek to change my thought patterns surrounding these damaging beliefs. I won’t say it was an easy process or that it happened overnight, but it was through the consistent observation of my internal chatter and how it made feel on the emotional level, that finally transmuted these negative beliefs and behaviours from my life. However, there were often deeply repressed traumatic experiences in life that need another conscious being to help you shift the blocked energy and release the unconscious beliefs that are adversely affecting your life. ‘The Healer’ is trained in the observation and interpretation of signs and symptoms and methods for dealing with them. Holistic healing of an individual occurs at different energetic levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. To begin the process of healing we need to look at the individual from these four broad realms to at least begin the process of healing. However the ‘best’ healers are the ones that lead you back to your own inner knowing. Empowering you to take full responsibility for your own health and well-being. I have and am continually healing whatever comes up for me to allow a sense of spaciousness, so I can be of greater service to my clients. Ultimately I'm doing nothing more than creating space to be an open channel for universal consciousness to work through me and lead my clients back toward greater balance, harmony and complete connection to their vital source of wellbeing.

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